Restworks installations have been featured in the news, helping to highlight the importance of napping to wellness and productivity.

The future of the workplace
April 8, 2021

With workplaces slowly opening after the Covid-19 pandemic, we truly stand at a crossroads:

Do we go back to our old work week that has remained largely unchanged since the Fair Labor Standard Act of 1938, or do we learn from our experiences during the pandemic? – Many employees hope the latter.

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Focus on Work Soundtrack
March 2, 2021

Get into the flow at your home office with our Focus on Work soundtrack.

This smooth, ambient soundtrack is an original composition by Pzizz made for Restworks. Perfect for tuning in and leaving out background noise.

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Parent’s Guide to Daylight Savings Time
March 2, 2021

Daylight Savings Time can take its toll on a family’s energy level. While springing an hour forward may not be a big deal for most adults, it can really upset a child’s sleep pattern, which results in tired parents.

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HR Awards for Well-being Initiative at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust
October 2, 2020

The energy pods were a catalyst to a huge amount of wellbeing initiatives. (…) The EnergyPods created a culture and emphasis on ‘its ok and vital to take a break’.

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