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Nap pods at Sports Centre Papendal

Posted in on Jul 23, 2021. Tags:

The Olympic flame is lit, and the world’s greatest athletes are up for action in Tokyo. A good sleep strategy is key to winning Gold, and therefore it is no surprise that more sports teams are investing in sleep tech. Among these are the Dutch Olympic Team, who have had three Metronaps EnergyPods installed in preparation for the Olympics.

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BA’s Forty Winks lounge equipped with nap pods

Posted in on May 19, 2021. Tags:

British Airways is gearing up for the reopening of air traffic with their brand-new sleep lounge featuring seven power nap pods from Metronaps. This gives travelers an effective way to combat jetlag and stay fresh during travels.

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HR Awards for Well-being Initiative at Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

Posted in on Oct 2, 2020. Tags:

The energy pods were a catalyst to a huge amount of wellbeing initiatives. (…) The EnergyPods created a culture and emphasis on ‘its ok and vital to take a break’.

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