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Will Daylight Savings Time be Permanent?

Posted in on Mar 7, 2022. Tags:

For centuries, parts of the world has switched between DST and Standard Time each year, but there are strong incentives in both the European Union and the US to end the practice. If you ask sleep experts, there are compelling reasons to do so, but for practical reasons, implementing permanent Daylight Savings Time might take a long time.

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National Napping Day 2022

Posted in on Mar 4, 2022. Tags:

National napping day is probably our favorite, unofficial holiday in the US. The day - as the name suggests - is dedicated to making time for a rejuvenating nap, preferably at work. 

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World’s largest nap pod installation

Posted in on Dec 15, 2021. Tags:

The 63rd ASH annual meeting & Exposition 2021 was conducted from 11th to 14th December 2021 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. 

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Since 2016, Restworks has been dedicated to helping create better work environments through sleep solutions. We teach businesses about the importance of sleep and offer a variety of products that helps bringing rest into the office.

Our solutions include the famous EnergyPod power nap chair, as well as Gosleep airport sleep pods.

We have also developed a sleep app, a free version of which can be downloaded in the App Store and on Google Play. We would love to assist your business in building better sleep health.