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Take a nap, wake up beautiful!

Posted in on Aug 18, 2022. Tags:

Beauty sleep: French skincare brand MyBlend has decided to offer visitors an immersive experience by installing a Metronaps EnergyPod at their maison in Paris. Resting here, one can comfortably try their myLEDmask for free. They call it “The Regeneration Room”.

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Month

Posted in on May 10, 2022. Tags:

Since 1949, Mental Health America has been organizing Mental Health Month during May. The theme for this Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 is ‘back to basics’ - rediscovering healthy routines following the pandemic. In this regard, we at Restworks would like to bring attention to the profound connection between mental health and sleep. Find out more below.

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National Napping Day 2022

Posted in on Mar 4, 2022. Tags:

National napping day is probably our favorite, unofficial holiday in the US. The day - as the name suggests - is dedicated to making time for a rejuvenating nap, preferably at work. 

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Since 2016, Restworks has been dedicated to helping create better work environments through sleep solutions. We teach businesses about the importance of sleep and offer a variety of products that helps bringing rest into the office.

Our solutions include the famous EnergyPod power nap chair, as well as Gosleep airport sleep pods.

We have also developed a sleep app, a free version of which can be downloaded in the App Store and on Google Play. We would love to assist your business in building better sleep health.