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Sleep to Reduce Anxiety: The Natural Treatment

Posted in on May 2, 2024. Tags: , ,

We all experience anxiety at some point in our lives and for varying lengths of time. In this post, we’ll talk about how we can use natural remedies like sleep, relaxation exercises, and mindfulness to reduce anxiety in our everyday.

How sleep helps combat anxiety

It’s well established that insomnia and anxiety have a mutual relationship. When you don’t get enough sleep, you are more at risk for developing depression and anxiety. Likewise, it has been shown that anxiety amplifies the impact of sleep loss on aversive brain anticipation (overreacting to perceived threats). For these reasons, it’s crucial to get enough rest, even though this can be difficult as stress and anxiety often result in insomnia.

What you can do about anxiety and lack of sleep

If you’re someone who struggles with sleeping because of your busy schedule or if stress keeps you up at night, there are several ways to bring down the...

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How much deep sleep should I get?

Posted in on Jan 11, 2024. Tags: , ,

Sleep, absolutely essential for all people, is inter-connected with every function of our physical, mental, and emotional being.  During sleep, our bodies restore, build and grow new cells and connections.  Our brain flushes out toxins that accumulate during the day so we can start fresh in the morning. 

When we do not get enough sleep, we don’t get the reset that we need to keep functioning at top levels. Our body systems get clogged and start to break down.  This makes us more susceptible to illnesses, fatigue creeps in, our minds get foggy and our emotional tethers are shortened.

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How much sleep do I need?

Posted in on Dec 20, 2023. Tags: , , ,

We all know that sleep is important. Considering that we spend up to one-third of our lives sleeping, it is relevant to know just how much sleep we need each night in to fully recover and thrive.

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How Menopause Affects and Changes Sleep

Posted in on Oct 7, 2023. Tags: , ,

During menopause, women can experience poor, disrupted sleep. Hot flashes are among the most common side effect, but sleep can be affected by other sleep disorders that may impact both nighttime and daytime quality of life.

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