Nap Pods

Providing your staff with nap pods can help to boost productivity at the workplace and decrease the risk of stress and accidents. We have a range of napping pods in our portfolio to suit every situation.

Our Solutions

MetroNaps EnergyPod

The EnergyPod is the world's first chair designed for napping at work. All features of this nap pod are designed to help the user relax.

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Podtime Original

The Podtime Original allows users to relax or sleep undisturbed in the workplace. This sleep pod offers privacy, security and comfort, and reduces ambient noise.

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Podtime Ultra

The Podtime Ultra is a spacious sleeping pod, ideal for the workplace, to relax or sleep undisturbed.

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GoSleep Pod

GoSleep Sleeping Pods were specially designed to optimize the well-being of travelers, by allowing them to rest or take a nap, even in busy environments. The pods provide complete privacy with a sliding shade.

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GoSleep Iglooo

The GoSleep Iglooo can be used for both work and rest. A comfortable and versatile sleep pod.

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Why buy a nap pod?

In today’s society, sleep is a precious resource. In the fast paced world we live in, long work long hours followed by personal and family responsibilities push us through each day without the time to relax or take an afternoon nap. We must actively and intentionally seek out daytime napping. This is where sleep technology like nap pods come in.

More space-saving than a nap room, yet comfortable and private, nap pods at work are a great way to improve health and wellbeing, minimize sleep deprivation and increasing the wellness of airport travelers and spa clients. 

A versatile solution that will go well with almost any industry, including healthcare, airports, offices, and mission-critical operations.

Nap Pod Benefits

Productivity: Several large studies point to the fact that sleep deprivation costs businesses millions of dollars each year in sick days and lessened productivity. A pre programmed 20 minute power nap increases productivity, creativity, and overall perseverance.  

Health and wellbeing: An increasing number of businesses choose to install office nap pods due to the positive effect of naps on employee health and wellbeing. These include better mood, less stress, and less risk of heart disease.

Space efficient: Both nap pods and sleep pods have a unique advantage to capsule hotels and nap rooms in that they can be easily moved. This makes them a sustainable investment for businesses. A nap pod is a versatile asset that will follow your business for many years to come. 

Attractive: Nap pods are considered an attractive office perk. By giving employees the possibility for a short, energizing rest during the day, businesses can not only increase their productivity but also set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive job market.

Which nap pod should I choose?

Restworks have several pod models available, all of which have their unique advantages. Which pod to choose depends on your budget, space, and intended use.

Metronaps EnergyPod 

The Metronaps EnergyPod was the first commercially available product and remains the most successful nap pod on the global market. A high-tech power nap chair, the EnergyPod features a privacy visor and employs zero gravity technology to relax the lower back. It features specially composed sleep music as well as gentle light and vibration to wake up the user at a designated time, fx. after a pre programmed 20 minute nap.

Podtime pods

Podtime is the original UK manufacturer of office sleeping pods. Both the Podtime Original and Podtime Ultra are exceptionally durable and well designed and have a great track record within both office environments and health care institutions. Notably, the UK's publicly funded health care system, the NHS, has adopted Podtime pods extensively in favor of nap rooms to combat lack of sleep among their caregivers. Restworks is the main distributor of Podtime pods all over the world.

Gosleep pods

Gosleep pods are made in Finland and have become a very popular sleep pods solution for airports due to their economic size and the possibility for luggage storage and USB charging. Restworks is the official distributor of Gosleep sleeping pods in the US.


Uses and industries

Restworks has installed nap pods for a wide range of clients in a wide range of industries. Here are some of the major uses of our products:

Sleeping pods for airports

Nap pods have become a favorite in airport lounges during recent years, and it’s no wonder why. Allowing airport guests a comfortable rest in full privacy is arguably the best investment one could make in passenger well-being. Moreover, it is well-documented that power naps are an effective measure against jet lag and jet lag-related insomnia. 

In the context of airports, one of the advantages of nap pods is that they can be easily moved. A power nap chair such as the MetroNaps EnergyPod is also a viable solution. 

Restworks has already helped install pods in several airport lounges across the world, including for British Airways in Heathrow, the Changi Jewel lounge in Singapore, and Jetex Executive Lounge (UAE). We will be happy to help furnish your airport lounge as well. 

Office nap pods

Nap pods are considered an attractive office perk and are an immediate investment in employee health and wellbeing.

Several large-scale studies report that sleep-deprived employees are costing businesses millions of dollars per year and increasing sick days, burn-out, and overall poor work performance of tired staff.

By furnishing your office with napping pods, you are sending a powerful signal to staff that your company cares about sleep. But the best part, of course, is the increased productivity and creativity released, and the reduced sick days that will statistically occur in a company that allows their employees to be sleeping on the job. 

Sleeping pod for hospitals

With 24-hour shifts being part of every day for doctors and nurses, nowhere are sleep pods as needed as within health care. Installing proper rest facilities can have profound benefits for both caregivers and patients alike. 

Research has shown shocking health hazards related to lack of sleep for health care staff. In the UK, 1 in 5 doctors have fallen asleep behind the wheel following a 24-hour shift, and in a study of pre-med students, the probability of medicinal and diagnostic errors increased by two-thirds during a 24-hour shift. As distributors of sleep solutions for hospitals, Restworks is proud to help break this dangerous pattern.

Nap pods for athletes

Proper training requires proper rest. Athletes can increase performance as well as restitution remarkably through using short daytime sleep strategically. All it takes are the proper nap room facilities. 

By installing rest pods at training facilities, athletic teams can ensure optimal learning and recovery, and help team members hit peak performance every day. Well-rested athletes also show more perseverance and motivation.

Nap pods for mission-critical operations

One can not afford human errors at a mission-critical facility. By giving employees access to proper rest, one can eliminate errors and maximize operational security. Pods are an excellent and space-friendly way of achieving this. 

Studies have shown that alertness and problem-solving abilities rise following short daytime rest. If you want a truly alert response team, short naps during work shifts is highly recommended.

How much are nap pods?

To see the price of our products for your region, please click on the appropriate flag while viewing a specific product page. You are also welcome to contact us for a custom quote. Please note that not all pod models may be available in your region. We look forward to installing nap pods at your facilities