Take a nap, wake up beautiful!

Beauty sleep: French skincare brand MyBlend has decided to offer visitors an immersive experience by installing a Metronaps EnergyPod at their maison in Paris. Resting here, one can comfortably try their myLEDmask for free. They call it “The Regeneration Room”.

myBlend is known for combining dermatological products, nutrition, and tech to achieve superior skin care. In this instance, they have gone above and beyond on the tech part, choosing to make use of the EnergyPod for the benefit of their spa guests.

In “the regeneration room” one can try a MyLEDmask, which immediately improves skin complexion. Since you have to wear the mask for a little while to experience the effect, why not combine it with lounging in the EnergyPod, maybe even with a power nap?

We always love to see creative and original uses of nap pods, and myBlend’s regeneration room is certainly that. We hope all spa guests will have a delightful experience.