Sleep Cognition App

Restworks App is available in App Store and Google Play.

The Sleep Cognition App from Restworks helps you power nap and sleep effectively. It combines audio sessions from the world’s leading providers, as well as tips and tools to support good habits for rejuvenating rest.

In-application purchases are available for additional audio content and support. The Sleep Cognition app can be used as a standalone application, or as part of a Restworks corporate solutions program, for example with one of our nap pods or other sleep technology. A sleep app based on meticulous research and years of experience.

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What’s in our sleep app?

In the Restworks App you will find an intuitive timer going up to 90 minutes and a range of professionally composed relaxation tracks for specific purposes. Choose between:

  • Take a nap – Relaxing music for short power naps
  • Go to sleep – Light music designed to accompany longer periods of sleep
  • Guided relaxation – Unwind your mind and muscles with a gradual guided relaxation
  • Focus on Work – Music designed to eliminate outside distraction and attain better focus
  • Stories – Beautiful stories to help you fall asleep faster
  • Mindfulness – Guided mindfulness sessions up to 90 minutes long

Please note – Only the ‘take a nap’ tracks are available in the free plan. If your company is a customer of Restworks, please contact us for a team code which can unlock additional content.

Availabiity & Pricing

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