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Hydrogen Therapy for Muscle Recovery

Posted in on Apr 19, 2022. Tags:

Hydrogen is the lightest of all gasses. Research shows that drinking, bathing in, or inhaling hydrogen-enriched solutions has profound anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiapoptotic effects. For these reasons, many athletes see a potential in using hydrogen to improve recovery. With technologies for hydrogen therapy becoming more readily available, we can expect to see more sports teams employing it in their training routines shortly.

What is hydrogen therapy?

Hydrogen therapy consists of introducing low or high concentrations of hydrogen into the human body to improve health. It is also sometimes called molecular hydrogen therapy to distinguish it from atomic hydrogen, which is too unstable to be used therapeutically.

Hydrogen therapy makes use of the unique ability of hydrogen to permeate cell membranes. What this means is that hydrogen, whether ingested, inhaled, injected, or applied as a bath can easily spread throughout the entire body.  

Researchers believe that hydrogen therapy has the potential to help cure a great variety of diseases and conditions, ranging from skin diseases to sports injuries. 

Hydrogen is non-toxic and its ingestion has no known side effects for humans. As such,...

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Molecular Hydrogen Therapy easily Explained

Posted in on Apr 8, 2022. Tags:

Molecular hydrogen therapy consists of either inhaling, drinking, or bathing in hydrogen-enriched water. A saline solution containing hydrogen can also be injected into the body, though this is not very common. Despite its huge potential as a restorative aide, so far hydrogen therapy has received relatively little attention in the West. Here we provide a reader-friendly overview of what molecular hydrogen therapy is and how it works.

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Sleep recovery for athletes

Posted in on Mar 25, 2022. Tags:

When we think of professional athletes and preparation for competitions, what comes to mind first may be the hours spent in the gym, morning runs, and restrictive diets. Sure, the gym and the kitchen are vital for any athlete. However, there is one more place we tend to overlook in a training regimen that is vital to muscle recovery: the bedroom.

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Nap Before or After Workout?

Posted in on Mar 24, 2022. Tags: , ,

A good nap can fully restore your physical performance and guarantee improved alertness, better reaction time, and put you in a better mood. “Taking a nap is a great way to boost an athlete's performance without getting tired” – says Dr. Amy Bender from the University of Calgary. However, when should we throw a nap into our schedule – before or after doing physical activity?

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