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Best length of Time for a Power Nap

Posted in on Sep 9, 2021. Tags:

Increased productivity, better memory, lower stress levels and lower risk of heart disease. These are just some of the benefits of regular napping. But how long should a power nap actually last? - In this guide, we explore the best length of time for a nap which allows you to quickly “recharge your batteries” without disrupting your sleep cycle.

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Massage Chairs Beginner’s Guide and Cautions

Posted in on Sep 3, 2021. Tags:

If you are just starting with massage chairs, it’s best to get your joints and muscles used to the new stimulus. It is recommended to do concise sessions, such as 5 minutes of a relatively light massage to begin with. 

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What is a Coffee Nap?

Posted in on Aug 26, 2021. Tags:

A coffee nap – occasionally known as a nappuccino or caffeine nap - is a power nap that combines the rejuvenating effects of napping with the mild stimulant of caffeine. 

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