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Employees nap more when working from home – and that’s a good thing

Posted in on Mar 10, 2022. Tags:

In 2021, Restworks conducted a survey of more than 2,000 people working from home during numerous lockdowns around the world. Our purpose was to better understand how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the relationship between work and sleep. One of the things our data revealed was a dramatic increase in napping during working hours. Here’s why: 

The challenges of remote working

covid and mental health

During the height of the pandemic, 77% of office employees worked remotely. This has had a drastic effect on health, sleep and overall well being. 

Remote work presents multiple challenges: It blurs the lines between work hours and personal time, it makes communication more difficult, and resulting miscommunication can cause rising tensions between colleagues and departments. Families have been particularly challenged during the lockdown, with parents juggling their professional workload with caring for children who are unable to attend daycare and/or overseeing remote learning in school aged children.

Microsoft has documented a considerable increase in overtime, as well as...

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10 Great Reasons to get a Massage Chair at the Office

Posted in on Feb 14, 2022. Tags:

Massage chairs are most often thought of as an item belonging to a home or in a spa, but why not in the office? Everyone with sedentary work certainly knows how tense those shoulders can get from long days sitting in front of the screen. Here are 10 great reasons to get a massage chair at the office.

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Massage Chairs Beginner’s Guide and Cautions

Posted in on Sep 3, 2021. Tags:

If you are just starting with massage chairs, it’s best to get your joints and muscles used to the new stimulus. It is recommended to do concise sessions, such as 5 minutes of a relatively light massage to begin with. 

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Restworks’ Power Nap Guide

Posted in on Aug 20, 2021. Tags: , ,

A power nap is a brief period of rest during the day to gain better focus and mental alertness. Several scientific studies verify the benefits of napping, which is why we at Restworks is a company dedicated to integrating naps into work life. Here is our guide to the perfect power nap.

What is a power nap?

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