10 Great Reasons to get a Massage Chair at the Office

Massage chairs are most often thought of as an item belonging to a home or in a spa, but why not in the office? Everyone with sedentary work certainly knows how tense those shoulders can get from long days sitting in front of the screen. Here are 10 great reasons to get a massage chair at the office.

Reason no. 1: It works!

Massage chairs have gone through many trials and these tests show they can be as effective as an actual massage by a massage therapist. This is the reason why they are sometimes referred to as a medical massage chair. Medical massage chairs such as the Luraco irobotics 7 Plus have been approved for therapeutic use by physical experts.

Reason no. 2: Helps take away the stress

The effects of massage, whether from a massage chair or a massage therapist has been verified by scientific studies. Massage is an instant stress reliever, and regular use of a massage chair has other benefits such as increased circulation. Practically everyone will experience stress at work from time to time, so why not invest in tools to help mitigate it?

Reason no. 3: Cheaper than a massage therapist

Many workplaces offer massage by a massage therapist to their employees. This is optimal, as a massage therapist can better assess how to treat the individual. However, the cost to offer this benefit can be high, difficult to accommodate even for medium-sized businesses. A massage chair is a viable alternative that can be afforded even by small businesses.

Reason no. 4: Safe to operate

Massage chair therapy comes with very few contraindications. Only the elderly and previously injured should observe caution when utilizing a massage chair. Beginners should start their massage therapy slowly and carefully build up. Begin with short, 10 minute sessions so as not to overstimulate muscles. You can read our beginner’s guide to massage chairs here.

Reason no. 5: A great office perk

Massage chairs are an attractive office perk that will impress job candidates and might help retain existing employees. Other ideas for great office perks might include nap pods so employees can take power naps or a free subscription to a sleep app.

Reason no. 6: Endless variation

Modern full-body massage chairs have endlessly varied programs to suit every need. A massage chair session will never become trivial with several hundred programs available to choose from. Neck massage, legs, calves, back, shoulders. It is possible to treat nearly every potential ache and tension in a full-body massage chair.

Reason no. 7: Bring down sick days

Stress and muscle pain, especially back pain, are directly related to an increase in sick days. Sick days are costly to employees and have a large impact on productivity. Massage chairs can bring immediate relief to muscle pain and stress. In this way, a massage chair can be seen as an investment to reduce absenteeism and increase staff engagement.

Reason no. 8: An active statement on wellbeing

Installing equipment like a massage chair sends a powerful message to your employees that you care about their wellbeing. With high volumes of work and stressful transitions, this might make the difference between burn-out and thriving.

Reason no. 9: Space efficient

Having to dedicate an entire room to massage therapy is just not possible for many businesses. However, a massage chair can be placed just about anywhere, even in an open office layout or in an unused corner by the utility closet. It can also easily be moved according to need.

Reason no. 10: Durable!

Massage chairs come in many formats and qualities, but if you buy a massage chair with a commercial warranty such as the Luraco irobotics 7 Plus, you can be sure it will accompany your businesses for years to come. When purchasing a massage chair from Restworks, we offer to take care of the entire installation and provide ongoing maintenance service. In this way, we ensure the optimal functionality of your equipment.

Contact Restworks today to get a customized quote on your new massage chair installation.

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