Focus on Work Soundtrack

Get into the flow at your home office with our Focus on Work soundtrack. This smooth, ambient soundtrack is an original composition by Pzizz made for Restworks. Perfect for tuning in and leaving out background noise.

There is about 2 hours of music on the playlist, so listen at leisure. If you wish to learn more about how to create a better work environment at your home office, read more below.

How to create a better home office environment

Working from home can be difficult because our concentration is quickly swept away by daily life distractions. Listening to Restworks‘ Focus On Work soundtrack might be what it takes to get into focus this very moment, but if you really want to get your productivity up, we recommend that you are able to cross out the following checklist:

1. Keep a designated workspace

Taking the morning team call from bed or reading a memo while lounging on the couch can seem tempting but is likely not going to do anything good for your output. Make sure you have a proper ergonomic set-up dedicated to work and work alone.

Why is this important? – Because our mind thrives with routines and often connects spaces with specific emotions and activities. When you have a specific workspace set-up, it becomes easier for your mind to shift into working mode and focus.

2. Separate work and time off

Stress is an ever-luring danger to remote workers because there is no longer any physical boundary between the office and home. We have to be apt in creating a healthy work-life balance for ourselves. 

This goes two ways:

On the one hand, we should resist the urge to do household tasks in our work time, and on the other hand, we should abandon work every day at the designated time.

Some tips to achieving both flexibility and structure in your workday might be:

  • Don’t have lunch in front of your computer
  • Log out of e-mail and internal comms at the end of the workday
  • Don’t plan other activities during your work hours

3. Take plenty of breaks

Make time for active rest throughout your workday to avoid burn-outs, whether this a walk, a power nap, or just having a coffee while staring out of the window. 

During rest, your mind is still active. In fact, it’s almost as active as when you are focusing intensely on a work-task, so you are not wasting time. Your brain is still plugging away at problems, coming up with new and creative solutions

A walk or nap might be exactly what it takes to solve an intricate dilemma or get the overview you couldn’t in front of the Excel-sheet. Reboot, recharge and return to your desk with renewed energy.


Do you want more music for work?

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