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How much deep sleep should I get?

Posted in on Jan 11, 2024. Tags: , ,

Sleep, absolutely essential for all people, is inter-connected with every function of our physical, mental, and emotional being.  During sleep, our bodies restore, build and grow new cells and connections.  Our brain flushes out toxins that accumulate during the day so we can start fresh in the morning. 

When we do not get enough sleep, we don’t get the reset that we need to keep functioning at top levels. Our body systems get clogged and start to break down.  This makes us more susceptible to illnesses, fatigue creeps in, our minds get foggy and our emotional tethers are shortened.

Not all sleep is equal

There are four stages of sleep – 3 stages of non-rem (NREM) sleep and REM sleep.  Researchers have identified these stages by studying the different brain activity that occurs during the stages.

Non-REM sleep

Stage 1:  This is the period where you transition from wakefulness to sleep.  This stage typically lasts less than seven minutes.

Stage 2:  This is the stage where you are now asleep, otherwise referred to as light sleep.  We experience a drop in body temperature which helps us relax our muscles and slows our heart rate and breathing.

Stage 3: This stage is also called slow-wave sleep or deep sleep. ...

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The Connection Between Endorphins, Sleep and Memory

Posted in on Nov 19, 2023. Tags: ,

Endorphins are a natural pain reliever that are released in the body when it experiences certain activities.  Let's explore how endorphins work with sleep and what the connection may be between endorphins and memory formation.

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How Menopause Affects and Changes Sleep

Posted in on Oct 7, 2023. Tags: , ,

During menopause, women can experience poor, disrupted sleep. Hot flashes are among the most common side effect, but sleep can be affected by other sleep disorders that may impact both nighttime and daytime quality of life.

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Understanding Adolescent Sleep

Posted in on Aug 17, 2023. Tags: ,

Our sleep needs change as we age and during adolescence, teenage sleep undergoes a shift that often works against many expectations set forth by academic and social schedules. It is important to understand how these changes affect children during their middle school and high school years in order to best support their physical health and wellbeing, academic success and extracurricular participation from the arts to athletics to part time jobs.

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