ZeroChair Recliner

Our ZeroChair Recliner is elegant and comfortable. A zero gravity indoor recliner designed to optimally mitigate fatigue in the workplace.

The ZeroChair is a zero gravity recliner inspired by the gravity neutral chaise developed by NASA to support astronauts during their ascent into orbit.

A zero gravity chair works by elevating your feet to the level of your heart. This position relieves the soreness and tension caused by the earth’s constant gravitational pull, making you feel weightless and relaxed.



  • ZERO GRAVITY POWER RECLINER – The ZeroChair features a powered recline system, placing the body smoothly into a gravity neutral position. Proven to be the optimal design for energizing naps, the ZeroChair positions the body to enhance blood circulation and relax muscles.
  • DURABLE WOOD FRAME – The frame of the ZeroChair is handcrafted by specially trained master workers and is made of solid maple wood.
  • PREMIUM LEATHER – The ZeroChair is covered with premium leather upholstery for maximum comfort. The high-quality material is soft, smooth and durable.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEADREST – The ZeroChair features an articulating headrest and neck-contoured pillow, allowing the user to adjust for optimal comfort.


Height (H)127 cm / 50 in80 cm / 31.5 in
Width (W)72 cm / 28.5 in73 cm / 28.8 in
Length (L)95 cm / 37.5 in154 cm / 60.5 in

Recline angle: 125 -175°. One (1) grounded power outlet, 120V.

Benefits of zero gravity recliners

There are a number of proven benefits to resting in the zero gravity position, which is the reason that zero gravity technology is employed in both the ZeroChair recliner as well as in the Metronaps EnergyPod and the i7 Plus massage chair. Among the positive health effects of the neutral body posture are:

  • Reduces stress on diaphragm and spine
  • Support of the spines natural curvature
  • Releases stress from muscles and joints
  • Increases blood circulation
  • May alleviate obstructive sleep apnea


Get your ZeroChair recliner today

If you wish to experience the feeling of this real leather zero gravity chair, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to equip your workplace with high quality indoor recliners. Learn more about pricing and availability of the ZeroChair by clicking your appropriate region below.

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