Podtime Original

The Podtime Original allows users to relax or sleep undisturbed in the workplace. This sleep pod offers privacy, security and comfort, and reduces ambient noise.

Podtime Original is stackable, allowing for space efficient design.


  • EASY ENTRY– Door apertures on both sides make the Podtime Standard flexible in its placement. It is also easy for the user to enter and exit.
  • PRIVACY – The door slides into place with a gentle pull. The user can now rest in private and enjoy partial noise reduction.
  • COMFORT – The Podtime Original features high-quality synthetic leather upholstery. Soft and smooth, the flat mattress is very comfortable. It is also durable and easy to clean.
  • NATURAL LIGHT – The Podtime Original features a gentle translucence, allowing some light from the surroundings to support visibility while inside the equipment.
  • LONG LASTING DURABILITY – The strong modular construction of the Podtime Original makes it a reliable partner for years to come.


Height (H)120 cm / 47 ¼ in
Width (W)120 cm / 47 ¼ in
Length (L)220 cm / 86 ½ in

Podtime’s Original model is stackable. Please contact us about designing your space efficiently.

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