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Sleeping during pregnancy

Posted in on Oct 25, 2022. Tags: , ,

Sleeping during pregnancy can be challenging, even for women who have never experienced sleep issues before getting pregnant. Throughout your pregnancy, your body and your life are changing in huge ways – hormone levels surge potentially causing a variety of side effects and you are also mentally and emotionally preparing to welcome a tiny human into your life, whether this is your first baby or your third. 

It is easy for people around you to joke that the poor sleep you may experience during pregnancy is just practice for when you bring home a newborn. However, good quality sleep and enough of it is especially important while you are pregnant. In fact, a study has shown that women who got less than 6 hours of sleep per night labored longer and were 4.5 times more likely to have a cesarean delivery.

What are some sleep issues I might experience during pregnancy?

Among other discomforts during pregnancy, many women experience sleep disturbances. Fortunately, most of these are temporary and resolve on their own at some point during or after your baby is born. These may include:


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5 reasons why hitting snooze is a no-go

Posted in on Sep 8, 2022. Tags: , ,

Is snoozing bad? - according to most sleep experts, yes.  Here are five reasons to not hit your snooze button: 

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Best breathing exercises for sleep

Posted in on Jul 26, 2022. Tags: ,

Breathing exercises for sleep are a wonderful, drug-free way to help you fall asleep. When we breathe deeply and calmly, we enter the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us release tension and reach a relaxed state. The effects of breathing exercises on anxiety has been confirmed by a meta analytic study review in 2021. Breathing techniques can also help with blood pressure, stress, and many other things.

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Exercise and Sleep

Posted in on Jul 19, 2022. Tags: ,

Exercise is an important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Not only is exercise good for your physical and mental health - it can also help you sleep better at night. Here we’ve gathered some useful knowledge about the inter-relation between exercise and sleep quality.

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