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5 reasons why hitting snooze is a no-go

Posted in on Sep 8, 2022. Tags: , ,

Is snoozing bad? – according to most sleep experts, yes.  Here are five reasons to not hit your snooze button: 

1. You’re more likely to sleep longer than intended

If you’re someone who snoozes every morning, chances are you are conditioning yourself to ignore the sound of your alarm. At least, this is the opinion of Dan Ariely, a psychologist and behavioral economist who answers reader questions in the Wallstreet Journal. According to Ariely, each time you don’t get up at the sound of your alarm, you become more accustomed to staying in bed. This means the more you press snooze, the more you are likely to oversleep.

2. You will likely enter a REM cycle while you’re snoozing, which means less time spent in deep sleep 

You may think that hitting snooze will make you...

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