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Nap Before or After Workout?

Posted in on Mar 24, 2022. Tags: , ,

A good nap can fully restore your physical performance and guarantee improved alertness, better reaction time, and put you in a better mood. “Taking a nap is a great way to boost an athlete’s performance without getting tired” – says Dr. Amy Bender from the University of Calgary. However, when should we throw a nap into our schedule – before or after doing physical activity?

Should you nap before or after a workout?

To ensure that the timing of your naps is right, they should happen at a relatively early time of day and shouldn’t last too long. That said, a nap before a workout is usually a better option

In fact, the only time a post-workout nap is advisable is if you workout early in the morning and still have a full day ahead of you. 

If you workout in the afternoon, a post-workout nap may make it difficult to fall asleep at night, which is something we should avoid at all costs. 

Healthy nap hygiene

Despite all the benefits we can draw from them, naps can disrupt our circadian rhythm and therefore...

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Employees nap more when working from home – and that’s a good thing.

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In 2021, Restworks conducted a survey of more than 2,000 people working from home during numerous lockdowns around the world. Our purpose was to better understand how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the relationship between work and sleep. One of the things our data revealed was a dramatic increase in napping during working hours. Here’s why: 

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3 reasons why your employer should encourage napping at work

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The uninterrupted, eight-hour workday as we know it is a fairly new invention. Before the 19th century, most workers enjoyed a long midday break. Industrialization did away with the siesta, but at a cost, as we humans are still genetically hardwired for daytime sleep. With a global workforce that is increasingly sleep-deprived, bringing back daytime naps has never been more important. 

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Restworks’ Power Nap Guide

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A power nap is a brief period of rest during the day to gain better focus and mental alertness. Several scientific studies verify the benefits of napping, which is why Restworks is dedicated to integrating naps into work life. Here is our guide to the perfect power nap.

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