Caffeine and Sleep: 3 FAQ’s

Adenosine is a naturally occurring chemical in our bodies that works to promote sleep. When you feel tired, high levels of adenosine are circulating through your body. Once asleep, adenosine levels begin to drop. 

Caffeine can make you feel less drowsy by competing with adenosine for receptors in your brain. However, caffeine can’t lower adenosine and can have an obstructive effect on your sleep. Here you can read 3 frequently asked questions about coffee and sleep.

Can caffeine replace sleep?

Will caffeine keep me up all night? 

What is a “Coffee Nap” and does it really work?

Did you know? - Sleep is more performance enhancing than coffee!
While coffee remains the weapon of choice for many to dispel drowsiness, you are much better off having a power nap than a cup of joe next time the sluggishness sets in.

Naps are scientifically proven to be more performance enhancing than caffeine. Read more about the benefits of napping here.